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Bringing your vision to life

Our reputation is built on solid ground

Your Ideas. Our Concept.

MADesign & Drafting Services

A boutique residential design and drafting firm turning homeowners’ dreams into a reality.

We Serve

Service focused in San Diego County and extending to any land our clients bring us; We lend our more than 50+ years of cumulative design and drafting experience to spruce up your property and increase its value.

We Support

We offer our support to homeowners, contractors, developers and businesses using our skills and expertise in the areas of design and permit processing.

We Connect

In all our services, we follow a mutually-beneficial collaborative approach, working side by side as we bring your ideas to fruition by engaging trusted resources, trades and professionals. Fluently speaking all dialect and vocabulary of homeowner and trade; WE BRIDGE THE GAP!

From Concept to Completion

At MADesign & Drafting Services, we gauge our success based on the happy customers we have serviced over the years. What we start, we see to completion, and enjoy the success with our clients.

Superior Results

We don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering superior results. No matter the size, type or deadline of your project, we put great emphasis in turning your vision into a tangible and habitable reality.

Building Codes & Permits

Getting a permit for home additions or new construction can be a daunting experience. We can take care of that task and free you from dealing with complicated building codes and permits. We are confident that after working with us, you’ll want to recommend our expertise to others. Each design starts with a code driven, client desire capturing concept… We only build from there!

A Collaborative Experience

Since our establishment, our goal is to be instrumental in realizing your vision. The way we do this is by utilizing trades that we know, love and trust. We help you engage all required trades, and work to collectively coordinate them in order to realize your project. Cross Jurisdiction understanding, coordination and implementation is what brings projects to life.

Your Individuality embedded and realized

We carry this philosophy into our everyday service making sure that your ideas are integrated into our designs and plans. We value your individuality so we design results that reflect your style and preference.


Our design team takes great pride in our superior results. We assign experienced project managers to oversee the progress of the job and ensure that all facets of the project are accurately executed and completed.

Residential Design and Drafting Services

At MADesign & Drafting Services, we have the design expertise, technology and innovation to deliver tangible and habitable results in our services.

  • New Custom Home Design
  • Fire Damage Repair and Rebuild
  • Room Additions
  • Title 24 Calculations
  • Land Use Planning
  • Map and community design
  • Landscape Plan
  • Hardscape Planning
  • Discretionary Permit Processing
  • Commercial Tenet Improvements
  • Space Planning
  • Remodels
  • Permit Processing
  • Renderings
  • 3D Models and Virtual Walk-Thru
  • Preliminary Interior Design
  • Virtual reality viewing
Kitchen Interior
Home Remodeling
House Exterior

Your Project is Unique

Everyone has an unlocked vision; Let MADesign draw on your ideas, needs and desires to custom tailor a project that is uniquely YOU.

Established in 2007

Founded in 2007, MADesign & Drafting Services is a premier boutique firm dedicated to elevating residential design experiences in San Diego County an wherever our clients take us. Specializing in the art of both home remodels and crafting exquisite custom homes, our team brings a wealth of expertise and passion to every project.

At MADesign, we prioritize more than just blueprints; we prioritize relationships. We take the time to intimately understand our clients, their unique needs, timelines, and communication preferences. Through this personalized approach, we seamlessly bridge the gap between vision and reality, ensuring that each client’s dream home becomes a tangible masterpiece.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We believe in building lasting partnerships, which is why we go above and beyond to connect our clients with a curated network of trusted builders who share our dedication to excellence. By fostering these alliances, we not only deliver exceptional designs but also focus on a seamless construction process from start to finish.

With MADesign & Drafting Services, you’re not just investing in your property or a design firm; you’re investing in a collaborative journey towards architectural brilliance and unparalleled satisfaction. Welcome to a world where innovation meets integrity, and dreams take shape.

At MADesign, our driving force is the power of collaboration. We thrive on partnering closely with our clients, embarking on a shared journey to transform ideas and dreams into tangible, livable realities. Guided by your vision, we breathe life into concepts, crafting spaces that are not only functional but also deeply reflective of your unique essence.

As a boutique firm, we cherish the opportunity to provide a bespoke experience tailored to your individual needs. Our commitment to quality knows no bounds, as we strive not for quantity of projects, but for the excellence woven into each and every tailored experience. This dedication sets us apart, ensuring that every endeavor we undertake is marked by precision, care, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

At MADesign, success isn’t measured by numbers; it’s measured by the enduring satisfaction of our clients and the timeless beauty of our creations. Welcome to a realm where collaboration breeds innovation and where dreams take shape in the most exquisite forms.


Yes, we are “Pushing the Boundaries”

Derek Berg

Derek D. Berg

Transforming Visions into Reality

Derek D. Berg, the esteemed Founder and Principal of MADesign, stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the realm of architectural design. With over two decades of experience, Derek’s odyssey began amidst the rugged landscapes of rural Ramona, where his passion for architecture was kindled by the construction of his father’s “owner builder” home in the early 80s.

Derek’s interest in architecture began at an early age. Derek’s path meandered through a tapestry of hands on experiences, each chargig him with invaluable insights and skills in the industry. Honed through hands-on learning and collaboration with industry luminaries, he thinks outside the box naturally. Now, as the driving force behind MADesign, Derek leads a distinguished team known for their innovative designs and unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a keen eye for detail and a building code-ridden propensity for pushing boundaries, Derek navigates the complexities of each project with finesse, seamlessly blending form and function to create homes that transcend mere structures. His recent endeavor, crafting his family abode amidst the challenges of the pandemic, serves as a testament to his resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Beyond the drafting table, Derek finds solace in the embrace of nature, indulging in a myriad of outdoor pursuits that nourish his spirit and inform his design philosophy. From Pickleball to Motocross, Skiing to Wake surfing, and even tending to his cherished flock of chickens, Derek’s holistic approach to life infuses each project with vitality and harmony.

As Derek continues to chart new horizons in the architectural landscape, his vision remains steadfast: to transform dreams into tangible reality, one meticulously crafted home at a time. With MADesign as his vessel and innovation as his compass, Derek D. Berg invites you to join him on this extraordinary journey toward architectural excellence.


Andrea Miller

Client Design Manager

Andrea was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to Callifornia in 2018 after chasing a lifelong dream to live on the West Coast.

Through her travels in Europe, Andrea realized her love of Architecture and decided to pursue an education in Interior Architure and Design at UCLA. Her coursework provided an opportunity to delve into the rich history of iconic structures, inspiring Andrea to invest time and passion into every project she undertakes.

Andrea considers working at MADesign a dream opportunity. Each day, she collaborates with a supportive team united by a shared vision, flourishing in an environment that fosters both professional growth and a vibrant, enjoyable workspace.

In her spare time, Andrea likes relaxing at the beach and checking out local breweries.


Fernando Martinez

Project Manager

Fernando has a background in Project Design and construction, with experience in both designing and building homes,which brings a unique perspective to each design.

With a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Univeristy Iberoamericana and a master’s degree in real estate development in architecture from Woodbury University, his passion is to create high quality results in every project.

He enjoys spending his free time with his loved ones and managing his family restaurant. He is also part of the MADesign team, where he can explore new design concepts, learn from a talented design leader, and have fun playing ping pong with his colleagues after a delicious team lunch.


Abel Gregorio

Project Manager

I am Abel Gregorio, born in Guatemala, moved to the USA at the age of 16. Since I remember, I have always been curious about how houses/building were built, and that led me to study Architecture at Woodbury University.

When I am not working in the office, I find myself working on my own projects, such as adding and improving my own place. By being involved in all the phases of a project, I understand what it takes from the start to the completion of a project. If a project is not well planned, designed, and well executed, it can go over the proposed budget easily.

In my free time, you will find me playing soccer, hitting the gym, or relaxing at home.


Ian Paje

Project Manager

Ian’s interest in architecture began when he saw old blueprints of his childhood home as a teenager, sparking his passion for residential design.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of the Philippines, he practiced as a licensed architect before moving to the U.S. in 2016.

Outside the office, he enjoys drinking coffee, playing basketball, and traveling with his wife.

We Stay Current

MADesign & Drafting takes on a proactive approach in all our design projects. We stay current in the latest trends and technology to maintain a high level of professionalism while delivering innovative space planning and exterior home design.

Our Mission

MADesign was founded with the mission to give each project as much care and attention as we do our own homes.  We are armed with experience, knowledge and the tools needed to create beautiful and functional designs for each individual homeowner.

We Go Beyond

We always look for new ways to think, learn and serve you better.  So, when others say “We can’t”, we say instead, “How can we?”

MADesign & Drafting Delivers

We have built our business based on happy clients, repeat clients, and word of mouth. By listening carefully to your needs, we’ll capture your ideas on paper and convert them into quality construction plan drawings that are approved, permitted and ready to build. We are passionate about your goals, meticulous about the details and look forward to helping you achieve your commercial or residential design needs.

Your Vision Will Be Realized

If desired, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the new space with a 3D rendering and virtual walk-through. It is always a priority to provide the best possible solution within our client’s budget parameters. We see ourselves as the quarterback to the home building and remodeling process. Throughout each project, we coordinate and maintain clear communication with the contractor, engineer, fabricators and interior designer.

From the design, to permit processing and approval, to implementation, our team will ensure that your vision is realized to its fullest potential.

Building the Right Team

Building the right team to accomplish your construction project can sometimes be difficult. MADesign & Drafting Services has built a strong network of courteous and adept contractors, fabricators, interior designers and landscapers. When looking for the right team member for your individual construction project, MADesign can help custom match you with professionals who will understand your vision and dreams.

Our Work Doesn’t Stop After Permit Approval

We go out of our way to see to it that you are comfortable and secure with your newly built or renovated space.

We Design What You Dream

MADesign & Drafting Services’ motivation is to turn our customers’ ideas into a tangible and habitable reality.


Not Your Ordinary Designers

MADesign is a fresh, innovative residential design and drafting firm.  We specialize in creating added value and custom floor plans to each home, whether that be a kitchen remodel, or building from the ground up.  We don’t just imagine one aspect of design, we LIVE the full design.  We collaborate with homeowners, contractors and interior designers to make small changes that affect the whole look of your house.

We offer top notch space planning services that are sure to distinguish your home from the rest.  We don’t only increase your curb appeal, we integrate form and function to ensure that your home’s space and comfort are maximized.


Looking for help designing a remodel or addition to your home or business? Look no further. At MADesign, we draw detailed plans that reflect your desires. With every measurement, dimension, and detail worked to perfection, our designs reflect the accuracy and care we put into every project. We’ll survey your space while also making sure everything meets the proper code requirements. Let us take care of the technical details so you can get back to planning life in your dream home.

Permit Processing

Permits are needed for many types of construction jobs. Most expansions and remodels, even smaller ones, require permission from the city, state, or county before construction can begin. Our focus is on listening to your needs, optimizing plans to meet city codes, and staying current with the latest innovations. We research and decipher municipal codes so that we can get your permits approved efficiently and on time. Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions and recommendations to maximize your real estate investment from the day you build until the day you sell.

New Custom Home Design

  • Fire Damage Repair and Rebuild
  • Room Additions
  • Title 24 Calculations
  • Green Building
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape and Hardscape Planning
  • Discretionary Permit Processing
  • Commercial Tenant Improvements
  • Space Planning
    • Remodels
    • Permit Processing
    • Renderings
    • 3D Models and Virtual Walk-Thru
    • Preliminary Interior Design

    Connect with us

    There are also many incorporated cities within San Diego County. Feel free to contact us for directions to your local building department.

    Michele Woodcock - New Construction Client
    Where do I even begin…. not only was designing a home from the ground up a dream I never thought I would live out but walking it now and loving every single aspect of it, is the best dream come true! Derek and his team were creative, easy to work, timely, and best of all current! They just get it! They get all different types of styles but with our home being modern farmhouse I really felt it was in their wheelhouse. I also believe the biggest test of successful home design is it years later you would make any major changes… honestly we would not change a single thing (and I’m picky) that is largely due to Derek’s thoughtful and experience in knowing not only what looks good but what lives well.
    Sarah Pease – Remodel Client
    Intelligent residential design/drafting is a rare skill —- and the MAD team has it. Don’t let HGTV fool you, you cannot (and should not) do this on your own! Our project was a major reno of an old home that had been subjected to years of truly terrible design decisions. Derek and Alex listened to our needs resulting in a design we’re delighted with, gently pushed back when our suggestions were better solved with a different approach and applied their experience to make the engineer review and permitting process smooth and painless. And when it came time for the permit handoff, they made sure our contractor felt like part of the team. In an industry where missed deadlines and lack of tech savvy can be the norm, they were professionals from start-to-finish. MADesign has earned my highest recommendation.
    Kevin Dalzell, Real Estate Developer
    “My team develops custom single family residences in North County San Diego, and Derek Berg has been our architect of choice for the past 6 years. He understands the level of detail required in achieving a timeless design, while staying ahead of the curve from residential stand point. He gets it done!”

    Dalzell Group

    Jeff Mitchum, Client
    “Originality, strong, creative, flexible and one of the best talents in the residential field. Derek understands space and the vision of several projects he’s done for us. Trustworthy!”

    Renowned Fine Art Landscape Photographer

    Derek Grant, General Contractor/Realtor
    “As a licensed general contractor for many years, I have exclusively used Derek Berg and his team at MADesign for all of my custom projects ranging from Mission Hills to Coronado. The people at in MADesign make the design and permitting process extremely simple and streamlined.”

    Grant Property Services
    Contractor/ Realtor

    Sharon Fox, Interior Designer
    “I have had the pleasure of working with Derek on five to six projects in the past 3 years which all turned out beautiful. His level of customer service, attention to detail and knowledge of the city permit process is unparalleled. He takes the time to listen and understand the client’s vision and researches any foreseeable roadblocks that may occur with the city before the process starts. He can also recommend other alternative design solutions if the budget requires it. I highly recommend him.”

    Sharon Fox Designs

    Matthew L. - Client
    “I had the pleasure of working with Derek Berg who owns MADesign. Derek’s attention to detail and follow through vastly exceeded my expectations. I have worked with many architects over the years of building houses and none of them have been as gifted as Derek when it comes to designing a house. Obtaining building permits from the city can be extremely challenging but Derek knows how to quickly navigate through the pit falls and the obstacles that come into play when building a house. I would highly recommend Derek Berg and MADesign to any friends or family.”

    We Go Above and Beyond

    From initial concept, to structural design, permitting process, to completed project, MADesign & Drafting Services goes above and beyond to deliver a customized, efficient and cost effective homeowner or real estate developer experience. We are flexible in achieving your remodeling or new construction objectives with insight and ideas on a variety of residential design styles from modern contemporary to classic and from city to country. Our projects are primarily located in San Diego County and we are happy to discuss ideas with you from Point Loma, Coronado, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Poway, Ramona to Fallbrook. Please contact us for your next home renovation or design and drafting needs.

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    Poway, CA 92064